Raw Bronze finish and Elaborate engraving on the bell, body, and neck, make this horn look awesome (for all us saxophone geeks who love the old looking Mark VI type horns :).  

  • All long hinge rods are stainless steel
  • Exclusive bronze alloy
  • Black oxide tempered springs
  • Pisoni Pro think Italian pads with metal resonators
  • High F#
  • Double handle tweed wood case with plaush interior blanket
  • This thing is so solidly built...that's from me, the sax nerd whos in charge of this site! :)


Sax Dakota XR 82 Alto

$4,100.00 Regular Price
$3,000.00Sale Price
  • When I tried these XR 82's out, I was expecting that it would be quite a nifty jazz horn...I mean look at it!   ...and it sure is!  It does everything a Mark VI or Super Action does.  I then played some of the iconic classical literature, just on a lark.  Holy cow!!  It is perfect.  One of my college students bought one, and it continues to produce everything I need to hear from the proper classical sound concept(s).  Amazing horn in every way.  Again...love the look of this horn!!!